Jeffrey Jacobson, Ph.D.

VR Guru, EnterpriseVR



Consultant in technology and applications of Virtual Reality, working with clients to understand where virtual, augmented or mixed reality can solve problems. I collaborate with the client to build the workflow and organization needed. I also locate, customize, or create the technical solutions needed. Currently collaborating with professionals in Architecture and Construction on using VR to improve communication with their clients and accelerate the design process.

My doctorate and later work are in Information Science are centered on the psychology of human perception, action, and learning in three-dimensional space, the foundation of user experience in VR. Strong technical skills in computer science with 20 years of building VR systems, mastering every generation of VR technology. Created effective solutions with experts in several industries.

SELECTED PROJECTS_________________________________________________________________________________________

Managed budgets, schedules, and personalities. Managed technologies, testing, integration, and delivery. Published and promoted results. For the rest, see

Visual Training Materials, New England Tractor Trailer Training School

2012 – 2014   Somers, CT; North Andover, MA; Pawtucket, RI

       Collaborated with instructors to invent visual aids for learning certain complex maneuvers.

       Greatly improved test pass rates with those maneuvers (e.g. rates doubled in North Andover).


Virtual Egyptian Temple, Connecticut Science Center, Hartford, CT        &  PublicVR, Boston, MA                              


2006 – 2010  CMNH, Pittsburgh, PA,

       In both museums immersive theaters, installed the temple, which a presenter navigates.

       This thematically extends their physical Egypt collection into the virtual space of the dome.

       Team:  Egyptologist, programmer, artist, student artists, educator, museum staff.

       Tools:  Unreal Engine, Unity3D, CaveUT, 3ds Maxx, Photoshop, SVN, Dolby Server.

       Audience response was enthusiastic. Both museums can now develop these virtual tours.

The Living Forest, Complex Systems Research Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH (Supervising scientist: Dr. Schloss) and PublicVR, Boston, MA

2011, 2013

       Created an interactive virtual forest for digital dome theaters showing the forest life cycle.

       Audiences participated in game-like field trip activities, led by a teacher/guide.

       Team:  Programmer, Artist, Educator, Natural scientist, support staff.

       Tools:  Unity3D, 3D Studio Maxx, Photoshop, GanttProject, phpBB3 bulletin board, SVN

       Completed on time and on budget. Launched more showings, publications, and research.

Egyptian Oracle Performance, National Endowment for the Humanities & PublicVR, Boston, MA

2010 - 2013              

       Built a mixed-reality performance with live actors and digital puppets in the virtual temple.

       Audience members participated in an authentic ancient Egyptian religious celebration.

       Team:  Puppeteer, Egyptologist, programmer, animator, educator, support staff.

       Tools:  Unity3D, 3D Studio Maxx, Photoshop, GanttProject, phpBB3 bulletin board, SVN.

       Delivered on time and on budget. Audiences loved it and learned from it.

CaveUT, PublicVR, Boston, MA


       Invented CaveUT, free software for immersive VR displays with the Unreal Engine.

       Used in educational and experimental projects, attracting many contributions.

       Over 500 citations in scientific literature.     


Gates of Horus Game and Research, Carnegie Museum of Nat. History,  Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA, and PublicVR, MA

2004 – 2008

       Built a game based on the Virtual Egyptian Temple, which runs on a desktop PC or digital dome.

       Tools:  Unreal Engine, 3DS Maxx, Photoshop, Unreal Script, and CaveUT.

       Team: Egyptologist, artist, animator, educator, educational research scientists.

       Proved superior learning of the architectural space with VR, the first published study of its kind.


Medical Virtual Reality Center (MVRC)  , University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Pittsburgh, PA,

1999-2002, & 2006-2007 

       Built the MVRC lab and a VR simulator for research and treatment of balance disorders.

       Team:  Trained staff in operations and how to build their own virtual worlds.

       Tools:  LabView, Unreal Engine, Windows Shell Script, Perforce, CaveUT.

       The MVRC lab continues to support high quality research and treatment to this day.

WORK EXPERIENCE__________________________________________________________________________________________

VR Guru, EnterpriseVR, Boston, MA


We collaborate with businesses to develop VR solutions. Commercial twin of PublicVR, below.

Executive Director, PublicVR, Boston, MA

2004 – 2014,

Founded this 501(c)(3) for VR software and research in education. Raised funds and wrote grants (NEH, NSF, NFF, private). Conceived and managed projects (listed above). Mentored interns.

Strategic and Technical Advisor, Curtin University, Perth, Australia   

December, 2013,

Advised them on the best uses for their new VR lab, future programs, and later expansion.

System Software Engineer and Configuration Manager, Honeywell, Minneapolis, MN

1987-1991, Helped write the core of a new computer operating system.

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES AND PUBLICATIONS_______________________________________________________

       For the full list of articles, conference presentations, demos, performances and workshops, see:

       Lead Organizer, BostonVR Meetup Group


Ph.D. Information Science (2008) – University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

BA in Computer Science (1986) – University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX